Performance Cloud

Cloud Databases

  • Database as a Service Permitted Actions
    Any rights that are denied for the tenant in a WAP environment are usually linked to some sort of security concern or resource consumption concern since we have multiple tenants sharing the server. This guide will cover the various permissions granted to Cloud Databases clients hosted at SherWeb.
  • How to connect to a cloud database from Microsoft SQL Management Studio
    The best way to connect to your Cloud Database is by using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. In this guide we will explain the additional step that is required to connect to your Cloud Database.
  • How to connect to a Cloud database from outside our infrastructure
    Normally you must connect to your database from within our Cloud environment. This means using our server IPs. Here is how to connect from outside of our infrastructure.
  • How to Manage Cloud Databases
    A cloud database is a database that is accessible over the internet from anywhere. It is hosted on a provider’s infrastructure and is designed for high availability, effective resource allocation, scalability and multi-tenancy. This guide will cover the creation, management and deletion of Cloud Databases hosted at SherWeb.


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