How Performance Cloud billing works

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    This guide will show you how Performance Cloud billing works. This guide covers the general concepts and specific characteristics of how we bill all the various products associated with Performance Cloud.
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    All SherWeb Performance Cloud accounts.
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    You must be a SherWeb Performance Cloud client.

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    We currently have 10 technical products associated with our IaaS offer.




    In all cases except for bandwidth, you are billed according to your hourly usage. It accumulates over the course of the month and at the billing date, the total amount is charged. For bandwidth, you are billed on GB used.

    Specific Characteristics

    • If the VM is stopped, you do not pay for CPU or RAM. You do keep paying for storage however.
    • CPU, RAM and storage is calculated by allocated resources, not used resources. If a machine is allocated 4GB of RAM but only uses 1GB, you are still billed for 4GB. We do not measure the internal usage of your servers.
    • For VPN and IP, you are billed for active resources. So if you create 4 VPNs, you are billed for 4. The first 3 External IPs are not billed, however, any additional External IPs are billed. Internal IPs are never billed.
    • All numbers are cumulative, they will not go down during the month. All totals are reset to 0 at the beginning of your billing cycle.
    • Resources are billed hourly but are gathered every 15 minutes. All numbers are rounded up to the closest increment. 25 minutes of usage is billed as 30 minutes.
    • For Cloud Database, you pay hourly based on the number of created databases. There are 3 plans and each plan has its own associated size quota and hourly cost.


    Managed Services

    • Managed Services is billed according to the Server or database/hrs you consume. If you used less than the 125$ equivalent in the month, you are billed 125$ for Managed Services. If you consumed more than 125$ worth of server or database/hrs in the month, you are charged only for the number of server or database/hours multiplied by our hourly rate of $0.137. There is no $125 charge. A month’s worth of Server or database/hrs is around 730 VM/hrs.


    For further questions regarding how billing works for Performance Cloud, please contact our sales representatives. For pricing info, contact our product page. 

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