How to add another person’s mailbox to your Outlook 2010 profile (Exchange 2013)

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    How to add another person’s mailbox to your Outlook 2010 profile (Exchange 2013).
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    All Sherweb Hosted Exchange 2013 accounts.
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    Important: You need to have full access rights on the mailbox you wish to add to your profile. To get full access permissions, go to the Control Panel as the administrator, click on the user you wish to view and then click on View Permissions. Make sure your user is added as having Full Access and Send As permissions.




    1) Open Outlook.


    2) Click on File. Under the Info header, click on the Account Settings button and then on the Account Settings tab.




    3) Click on Change.




    4) Click on More Settings.




    5) Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Add.




    6) Enter the email address of the delegated mailbox in the Add mailbox field and click on Ok.




    7) Click on Apply and then on OK. Outlook will now be busy accessing the other mailbox’s data, so this may take a while.




    8) In the Change Account window, click on Next and then on Finish.






    9) Close the Account Settings window. You should now see both mailboxes in your Outlook profile.




    Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

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