How to add contacts from distribution lists in Lync 2013

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    This article explains how to add groups of users to Lync 2013 via distribution lists.
  • Applicable to

    All Lync 2013 accounts
  • Prerequisite

    You must have a hosted Lync 2013 account with SherWeb.

    The Microsoft Lync 2013 client should be installed on your PC and configured for your account.

  • How to

    Adding groups of users to Lync 2013 via distribution lists is a quick and easy way to populate your contacts list. However, there are a few restrictions you must be made aware of:

    • No Dynamic distribution lists, only lists where you add members manually will work.
    • The maximum number of users that Lync can expand from a list is 100.
    • Adding the distribution list does not enable the trust relationship, users must be copied to the local contact list (guide further below).
    • The maximum number of local contacts in Lync is 250, which is a hard limit that cannot be changed.
    • Lync 2013’s maximum number of client connections is 200. Beyond 200 people in a meeting, presence information is not updated.


    Adding distribution lists

    1. Type the name of the distribution group in the search field.




    2. Right-click on the group and choose Add to Contacts List.




    3. Groups look a little differently than local contact lists. Notice the 2 grey people icon: that tells you it’s a distribution list, not a local contact list.




    4. To enable presence information, drag contacts from the distribution list to a local contact list and then follow the instructions in this guide.


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