How to apply security settings in Office Protect

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    This guide explains how to apply security settings in Office Protect
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    All Office Protect accounts
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     You must have an Office Protect account

  • How to


    There are three security profile presets from which to choose. We recommend the strongest profile with which your company is comfortable. Read the descriptions following the instructions to decide which profile is best for you.


    You can also create custom settings. For a list of the customizable settings, click HERE


    1. Select Set from the menu on the left




    2. Review and select the security profile from the drop-down menu that you feel best suits your organization’s needs.




    3. (optional) You can also use our one of our presets security profiles as a starting point to creating your own custom setting. Each custom setting will become available in the drop-down for all your existing and future organizations in Office Protect. To create your own custom security profile, simply review and modify the individual settings.


    4. Select SAVE AND APPLY




    Security profile presets


    1. Low User Impact


    Security Impact: Low
    User Impact: Low


    As the name implies, this profile was designed to help administrators increase the security of Office 365 with minimal impact on end-users. To ensure this, some compromises to best practice were made.


    Use Case:

    This is a good setting if you wish to activate Office Protect without involving your whole organization. You can also use it to familiarize yourself with the Office Protect process.


    2. Recommended Best Practices


    Security Impact: High
    User Impact: Medium


    Office Protect recommends this profile’s settings for typical Small and Medium Businesses. As is often the case with security, this profile is a compromise between the need to protect the organization and practical business realities. It comes from numerous discussions with clients about how they manage their operations.


    Use Cases:

    Most organizations should use this profile as a starting point, as it makes the most of Microsoft’s existing security features. We recommend that you inform the entire organization prior to implementing these security policies as some changes may impact their work.


    3. Max Security


    Security Impact: Max
    User Impact: High


    This profile has every setting supported through Office Protect turned on. It does not consider end-user impact.


    Use Case:

    This is a good starting point for organizations that want the highest security possible. It is probably worth it to investigate the advanced security features offered by Microsoft licenses. 


    If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.


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