How to bulk edit metadata in a SharePoint Private Cloud site

  • Synopsis

    This guide will show you how to bulk edit metadata in your SharePoint Private Cloud site. The old datasheet view has been replaced by what is called Quick Edit.
  • Applicable to

    All 2013 SherWeb SharePoint Private Cloud accounts
  • Prerequisite

     You must have a SharePoint Private Cloud account with SherWeb.

  • How to

    1. Log into your Private Cloud site.

    2. Go to the document library that contains the documents you wish to bulk edit.

    3. Under the Library header, click on Quick Edit.



    4. Click on the + sign and select a column type.



    5. To highlight a new feature, this example will select Managed Metadata. Give the column a name and a description. Select whether or not to require this column to contain information and to enforce unique values.



    6. Choose to display either the term label or entire path of the term in the field. Enter a search term to find your term set and then click on the binoculars. Click on the term set (“job title” in this case). You may customize the term set by clicking on Customize your term set.



    7. If your term set is open (can be added to by anyone) allow fill-ins or not. Select a default value for the term set field and then click on OK.



    8. If existing terms are present in the fields, you may choose to replace all selected values with these terms. You may add a new term to all selected fields. And you may remove these terms from all selected fields. When your term is selected, click on OK.



    Note: You must make partial searches from within your term set to find appropriate selections.

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