How to change the regional settings in SharePoint Private Cloud

  • Synopsis

    This guide will show you how to edit the regional settings of your SherWeb SharePoint Private Cloud site.
  • Applicable to

    All 2013 SherWeb SharePoint Private Cloud accounts.
  • Prerequisite

    You must have a SharePoint Private Cloud account with SherWeb.
    You must have sufficient rights on the site to change the regional settings.

  • How to

     1. Log into your Private Cloud site.


     2. Click on Options and then click on Site settings.


    3. Click on Regional settings.



    4. Select your time zone from the Time Zone dropdown menu. Locale is a general setting that determines in which manner the site will display information. Sort Order will sort information according to specific national/regional methods. Choose the type of calendar that you use from the Set your Calendar dropdown menu. Enable an Alternate Calendar will add the selected calendar information to your calendar. Choose which days of the week represent your work week via the Define Your Work Week check boxes. Choose either 24 Hour or 12 Hour from the Time Format dropdown menu. When all your regional settings have been set, click on OK.


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    SharePoint 2013, Private cloud, Time Zone, calendar, Customization, language
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