How to connect to Hosted Exchange EWS

  • Synopsis

    This guide will show you the basics of connecting to SherWeb’s Exchange Web Services portal. This guide is intended as a general help article. SherWeb does not provide technical assistance in building or troubleshooting software solutions that connect to EWS.
  • Applicable to

    All SherWeb Hosted Exchange accounts
  • Prerequisite

    You must have a Hosted Exchange account with SherWeb.

    The client application used must be able to support SSL connections.

    The client application used must be able to provide authentication credentials.

  • How to

    1. Open your Internet browser.

    2. In the server or URL field: enter the webmail value you can find in your Control Panel in the User Information section and add /EWS/Exchange.asmx at the end (e.g.

    3. In the credentials fields (username and password), enter your Exchange email address and password.

    Note: For more in- depth assistance concerning connecting to EWS, please visit this link from Microsoft.

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    Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Web Services, connect, Credentials, EWS
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