How to create a backup plan in Online Backup

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    This guide will explain how to create a backup job in Online Backup.
  • Applicable to

    All Online Backup users
  • Prerequisite


    You must have an Online Backup account.

  • How to


    Before creating a backup plan, please ensure that the machine has been added to Online Backup. You can learn how to do so here.


    1. Log into the Online Backup portal and select the machine for which you wish to create a backup job. This step differs depending on your access rights.


    If you are an administrator, select Backup & Disaster Recovery, and then choose from the following 2 options:




     Option 1


    Select All devices and then the desired machine.




    Option 2


    Select the group, followed by the user, and the desired machine.




    If you are a non-administrative user:


    Select the machine.




    2. Select Backup




    3. (optional) You can give the backup job a specific title by selecting the pencil icon.




    4. Select Entire machine from What to back up and choose what you wish to back up.

    If you choose Files/folders from the dropdown menu, you will be required to navigate to the items you wish to back up. Be sure not to include system files/folders (Windows, program files, etc.). If you need to back up system files, please choose System state from the dropdown list.




    5. Select Where to back up




    6. Choose either Cloud storage, Local folders, or Network Folders.




    Note: If you choose Local folders, select Browse.




    Navigate to your desired folder and click Done at the bottom of the screen.




    7. Select Schedule




    Slide the toggle to on, create you desired schedule and click Done.




    8. To set your level of backup retention, select How Long to Keep. Your retention options are:

    • By backup age
    • By number of backups
    • Keep backups indefinitely 




    9. Click Apply




    10. Review your settings. If you wish to perform the backup right away, select Run now.




    If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.


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