How to create an Exchange account in Outlook 2011 for Mac using the manual method (Exchange 2010)

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    How to create an Exchange 2010 account in Outlook 2011 for Mac using the manual method.
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    All SherWeb hosted Exchange 2010 accounts.
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    1. Click on the Outlook icon. MAC_MSO11_CreateAccount_1
    2. Click on Tools and then on Accounts. MAC_MSO11_CreateAccount_2
    3. Click on Exchange account. MAC_MSO11_CreateAccount_3
    4. Enter your email address in the E-mail address field, your DOMAIN\your_SAM_Account_Name (You can find your SAM account name in your Control Panel in the Contact information section. ex: S04\ in the User Name field, your email password in the Password field and enter the webmail value you can find in your Control Panel in the User Information section (ex: in the Server field. Make sure the box Configure automatically is NOT checked and then click on Add Account. How-Create-Exchange-Account-Outlook-2011-Mac-Using-Manual-Method-Exchange-2010-1
      Note: Newer account might require you to put S04\ instead of DOMAIN\.
    5. Check the box Always use my response for this server and then click on Allow. How-Create-Exchange-Account-Outlook-2011-Mac-Using-Manual-Method-Exchange-2010-2
    6. Give your account a name in the Account description field. MAC_MSO11_CreateAccountAuto2010_6

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