How to define who receives Alerts and Digests in Office Protect

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    How to define who receives Alerts and Digests in Office Protect
  • Applicable to

    All Office Protect accounts
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    You must have an Office Protect account

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    Office Protect Monitor allows you to configure the events you want to monitor and define the recipients of Alerts and Digests.


    Alerts report events with immediate security impact for your tenant. They are sent as they happen.


    Digests are recaps of recent events and can be used to compile for your review. They are sent at regular intervals.


    All events are accessible in the REPORT section.


    To learn how to configure the Office Protect Events, click HERE.


    To define who receives Alerts and Digests


    1. In Office Protect, select Monitor from the Left-hand menu




    2. Scroll to Settings at the bottom of the page




    3. Click the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols to add or remove recipients of Alerts or Digests


    4. When you are finished, click SAVE SETTINGS




    If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.


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