How to do a deferred site collection upgrade in SharePoint Private Cloud

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    This guide will show you how to do a deferred site collection upgrade of your SherWeb SharePoint Private Cloud site. Options that are available during upgrade as well as a system status bar are also covered.
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    All 2013 SherWeb SharePoint Private Cloud accounts
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  • How to

    1. Log onto your Private Cloud server.


     2. Open Windows PowerShell.


    3. Adapt the following commands to your needs and enter them into WPS:



    Doing a site collection upgrade

    Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase WSS_Content -Limit All | Upgrade-SPSite –VersionUpgrade

    To queue all site collection within one or more content databases the –QueueOnly parameter can be included in the above example.


    Configuring page rendering coexistence

    The various site provisioning modes can be configured by a server farm administrator by setting the SPWebApplication.CompatibilityRange property for the Web application.

    $w = Get-SPWebApplication –Url
    $w.CompatibilityRange = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPCompatibilityRange]::<Mode>

    Note: <Mode> parameter values include OldVersions, NewVersion, and AllVersions where OldVersions specifies site collections should be limited to SharePoint 2010 mode, NewVersion specifies site collections should be limited to SharePoint 2013 mode, and AllVersions specifies site collections can be created in both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 mode.


    Checking up on the status of your upgrade

    a. Log into your Private cloud site.



    b. Click on Options and then click on Site settings.



    c. Under the Site Collection Administration header click on Site collection health checks.



    d. Click on Start checks.



    e. Review the list of items for any changes that need to be made.


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