How to integrate SharePoint shared Documents in Outlook 2010 (SharePoint 2010)

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    This guide will show you how to integrate shared documents from SharePoint 2010 in Outlook 2010.
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    All SherWeb hosted SharePoint 2010 accounts.
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    Note: With SharePoint Foundation 2010, it is possible to access a Document Library directly from Outlook 2007 and up. It allows users to access company documents like a user would access public folders.

    1. Log into SharePoint.
    2. In the Quick Launch menu, click on Shared Documents, located in the Documents section. SP10_Shared_Doc
    3. Under the Library tab, click on Connect to Outlook. SP10_L_Connect_Ok
    4. An Internet Explorer Security dialog box might appear. If so, click on Allow. SP10_Allow
    5. When Outlook 2010 opens, you might be asked to supply your user name and password. If so, enter them in the Microsoft Office Outlook dialog box that will appear.
    6. A Microsoft Office Outlook dialog box will appear stating that you should only connect lists from sources you know and trust. Click on Yes. SP10_L_Connect_Yes
    7. Your SharePoint documents will now appear in your Outlook client. SP10_Doc_Appear

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