How to set up a Windows Phone 7 (Exchange 2010)

  • Synopsis

    How to set up a Windows Phone 7 with Exchange 2010.
  • Applicable to

    All Exchange 2010 accounts
  • Prerequisite

    • You must have a hosted Exchange 2010 account with SherWeb.


    • You must have a Windows Phone 7 with the latest OS.
  • How to

    1. On Start, flick left to the App list, tap Settings.




    2. Tap Email & accounts.


    3. Tap Add an account, and then Outlook.


    4. Tap the Email address box, and then type your email address for your Exchange Server email account.


    5. Tap the Password box, and then type your Exchange password.


    6. Tap Sign in.


    7. Do one of the following, depending on if the account settings are found:


    - If the account settings are found, wait for your Exchange Server email, calendar, and contacts to be synced to your phone. You're all done setting up your account. Go to the last step in the procedure.


    - If the account settings can't be found, continue to the next step.


    8. On the Outlook screen that asks you to check your information, do the following, and then tap Sign in:


    Username: email address


    Password: password


    Domain: leave it blank


    Server: You can find your server address in your Control Panel in the User Information section (ex:


    SSL: checked


    Please contact us for any other questions.

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