How to add another person’s mailbox to your Outlook 2010 profile (Exchange 2007)

  • Synopsis

    How to add another person's mailbox to your Outlook 2010 profile.
  • Applicable to

    All SherWeb hosted Exchange 2007 accounts.
  • Prerequisite

    • a SherWeb hosted Exchange 2007 account
    • Outlook 2010


  • How to

    Important: You need to have full access rights on the mailbox you wish to add to your profile. To achieve this, follow the steps in the FAQ How to give a user full access to another user’s mailbox (Exchange 2007) .

    1. Open Outlook 2010.
    2. Click on File. MSO10_Delegate_2
    3. Under the Info header, click on the Account Settings button and then on the Account Settings tab.
    4. Click on Change. MSO10_Delegate_3
    5. Click the More Settings button. MSO10_Delegate_4
    6. Click on the Advanced tab and then click on Add. MSO10_Delegate_5
    7. Enter the email address of the delegated mailbox in the Add mailbox field. MSO10_Delegate_6
    8. Click on Apply and then on OK. Outlook will now be busy accessing the other mailbox’s data, so this may take a while.
    9. Back on the Change Account window, click on Next and then on Finish.
    10. Close the Account Settings window. You should now see both mailboxes in your Outlook profile. MSO10_Delegate_7

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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