What are the best practices for managing QuickHelp?

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    A list of best practices when setting up your QuickHelp portal
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    All QuickHelp admin users
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     You must have a QuickHelp administrator account

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    In order to best understand and use QuickHelp, we recommend the following:


    1. Follow the admin training to help you learn how to manage the portal

    2. Send an internal communication announcing QuickHelp to users

    3. Whitelist QuickHelp domains to ensure users receive notifications

    4. Import users using Office Graph (for existing Office 365 users) or a .csv upload

    5. Configure Single-Sign-On


    1. Follow the Admin Training

    Designed to help you learn more about the QuickHelp platform, these trainings include adding additional users, configuring Single-Sign-On and Office graph and managing the portal for end-users.

    • Skill Paths: Welcome to QuickHelp (13 minutes)
    • Skill Paths: QuickHelp Admin Training (47 minutes)


    2. Send Internal Email Announcement

    Prior to rolling out QuickHelp to an organization, have someone from the customer organization (preferably an executive) send an internal email announcing its arrival. This should greatly improve the click-through rate and engagement when QuickHelp begins to message users with announcements, assigned content, and task reminders. Here is a sample email announcement:

    As part of our deployment to Office 365, we have provided you with access to an online learning portal: QuickHelp™. QuickHelp is an on-demand learning solution designed to help you make the most of your new Microsoft productivity tools. It includes training videos, documents, live training sessions and more.

    As the QuickHelp platform is being setup, you may see a few emails come through asking you to perform tasks such as creating a password for your new account and completing assigned content. We kindly ask that you complete the requested tasks and engage with the platform.

    Happy learning!



    3. Whitelist QuickHelp Domains

    QuickHelp will email users in the following situations: account creation, password resets, assigning content, addition to a group, etc. To ensure users receive the email communication from QuickHelp, we recommend that you whitelist the email server(s) below:

    • *.quickhelp.com


    4. Use Office Graph to Manage Users and Sync Office 365 Usage Data

    Office Graph creates a trust relationship between the Office 365 and QuickHelp tenants. Once set up, you can automatically create QuickHelp users by importing them from Office 365. You can even have Office Graph automatically assign QuickHelp licenses to the imported users.

    Click here to learn how to configure Office Graph.


    5. Configure Single-Sign-On

    By configuring Single Sign-On (SSO), your users can authenticate to the QuickHelp portal automatically.

    Click here to see the QuickHelp Single Sign-On Configuration Guide.


    If you have any question, please browse our other FAQs, or contact us directly.



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